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Cosmic River (Recycled Gift Tags)

Cosmic River (Recycled Gift Tags)

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Medium: handmade paper tags; recycled green paper, used printer paper and charcoal


Out in the Cosmos, floating down the river of stars. Take your gift recipient on a colourful, sustainable journey and tag your gifts with these, Recycled and Natural Gift Tags. 


Quantity: Packs of 3, medium recycled paper tags.

Handmade from a mix of recycled green paper and recycled printer paper/newspaper which is blended with charcoal (coursely ground) pigment.


Handpulped, handpulled, then handpressed and ready to be decorated.

Sized with Arrowroot (Tapioca Flour), to reduce bleeding of your choosen medium.


Decorate with markers, pastels, ink, paint, or even using it for some collage, etc.*

Or add on a customisation (option listed). You can request text only, text and mini art or your own choice of design. 

Just contact me with your choice.


*Please keep in mind as you purchase. Each piece is handmade from recycled paper. Therefore the quality is one of handmade production, not machine produced. Resulting in more texture and fragility, so please treat these products with care.

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